Last recruit in the Black Crows Flocks, Matheo Jacquemoud is none other than a black eagle which has been flying over the summits for ages. At 30 years old, he is living in Saint Nicolas de Véroce where his family has seen him growing up to the top of his game.  

Inspired by mountaineering comps from his youngest age, he drew the lines of his career between the Mont Blanc Massif and his roots in Lus-La Croix Haute in the Deep French Alps. Sooner than we expected he had grabbed podiums and made himself a name in the hall of fame. From an early age he daydreamed about Pierra Menta’s win, which he eventually won two times, and then became world champion four times. After many years of focus on performance on a thin line between pleasure and pain, he ended up choosing the path of freedom and serenity. He is now living as a free explorer. 

He works as a mountaineering guide and as the french ski team trainer he is now teaching youngsters to become the future of ski alpinism. Like a free bird, he is skiing lightly, softly vertically, with the finest gesture. As a black crow does over the tops. 

Mathéo Jacquemoud skis fine and light in harmony with the Black Crows Mentis model which matches his approach, raw and alpine. 

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