mountain touring
Lighter skis made for challenging tours, because the reward is always worth the climb. Getting out in the wild on our own terms (and skins) challenges experience and dedication. Upgrade the best snowy days and get fired up.
Camox Freebird Camox Freebird
Navis Freebird Navis Freebird
Ova Freebird Ova Freebird
Draco Freebird Draco Freebird
Corvus Freebird Corvus Freebird
Orb Freebird Orb Freebird
Mentis Freebird Mentis Freebird
all terrain
Lively skis made to experience the thrill through lift accessed terrain, in and out of groomed slopes, on smooth snow or less even surfaces. Crows know how to make the most of modern infrastructures for skiing more vertical with a smile on.
Serpo Serpo
$999.95 $699.96
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Camox Camox
$849.95 $594.96
Justis Justis
$1,099.95 $769.96
Vertis Vertis
$799.95 $559.96
Mirus Cor Mirus Cor
Captis Captis
big mountain
Larger skis made to break free from the designated and controlled environments to venture into the unknown, where powder and nature rule the mountain. Beware of the big lines, their attraction and dangers are intertwined like the ying and the yang.
Atris Atris
$949.95 $664.96
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Nocta Nocta
$1,099.95 $769.96
Anima Anima
$1,049.95 $734.96
Solis Solis
$1,149.95 $804.96
Corvus Corvus
waist width