Sam Favret



Born in 1988, Sam is an authentic Chamonix native, son of a guide of course, who got to get early on the granite walls and snowy slopes of the local mountains. Attracted by freestyle like the whole "Rastafaride generation" nourished by the rise of Candide Thovex, he swapped his alpine career at the Chamonix ski club for a long foray into the freeskiing circuit, with a world cup to his credit. Crazy about powder and image, a true Swiss Army knife of the French ski scene, he does not like to limit himself and combines freeride and freestyle like few others, winning the Redbull Linecatcher in 2013 and the Swatch Skiers Cup in 2015.

But it wasn't in competition that Sam ever thrived, as he says "I wasn't necessarily into competitions, but I liked to push myself." A very early actor and producer in the making of the finest ski movies, he has to his credit some very nice segments and longer videos, which have the particularity of showing an original and personal view of skiing, whether with flying drones (Natural Mystic in 2019 or Flow in 2021), in the ice (Ice Call in 2014) or on the steep slopes of Chamonix, Alaska or Pakistan (Waking Dream, Hunza, Backyards Project).

Sam is at home in the blackcrows squadron, he rubs shoulders with his lifelong companions, the skiers of the valley, the "big (old) brothers" founders, and a brand that vibrates with the same rock his body is made of, which gave him his nickname and of which Flo Bastien says: "if you throw him hard enough, he can hurt the ground".

So be careful.

credits Fabian Bodet

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