Camille Jaccoux



Camille is one of the few skiers capable of combining Camargue shoes with a Paul Smith vest. An unmistakable style, a unique glide and an always impenetrable veil of mystery.

Camille grew up between La Plagne, its famous freestyle school, Chamonix and its no less famous mountains. Starting out as a great hope for mogul skiing at national level, he eventually admitted that he lacked sufficient competitive spirit, and accordingly began a career in professional freeride rich in satisfactions. Likewise fond of the “urban” world in which electronic music, art, design and fashion intersect, he always has one foot on the snow and one on the sidewalk. It is thus not easy to find the right balance, but he searches for it stubbornly, confident of his vision between mountains and city. Brands are not wrong when they perceive in him, besides a skier with an exceptional glide, a trend-setting personality. Distant expeditions, dubbing for film productions, design of technical products, judge for international competitions, winner of the Red Bull Hike and Ride with the snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue, editor for many years of a freestyle skiing magazine, Camille wears a thousand hats, so long as they are stylish, otherwise, what is the point of collecting them? In 2006, he decided to seize the opportunity and created with his friend Bruno Compagnet the Black Crows ski brand. What this brand has become today is largely due to Camille’s constant imbalance. Exhausting, no doubt, but nothing beats asymmetry if we want to change perceptions in a symmetrical universe.

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