Liv Sansoz



An emblematic figure of verticality, Liv Sansoz easily falls in formation. The two-time climbing world champion, three-time World Cup winner and French national team member has an insatiable appetite for the alpine. Born in Bourg Saint Maurice, Liv learned skiing, climbing and paragliding in Les Arcs locality and the Vanoise range. At the age of 18, she won her first world championship in sport climbing and has since claimed innumerable accolades. Constantly seeking new highs worldwide, she skis, paraglides, mountaineers and is an aspirant mountain guide and ultralight pilot. 

Her augmented reality of what is a reasonable day spent in the mountains pushes our brains to the exit point. Sansoz is most recently known for knocking off all 82 summits above 4,000 meters in the Alps in just over a year and skiing and paragliding down to show off. “Being on blackcrows is always good. Every ski has its own spirit and program.” After skiing the east face of the Matterhorn last year, she is setting her lofty sights afar from her home in Chamonix; Sansoz will of couse have chevrons underfoot for these stimulating pleasures. Liv is quite the lady; she is the sublime all-mountain athlete who you would love to hate if she wasn’t so perfectly affable. 

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