Kristoffer Turdell



The freeride world champion makes skiing something graceful with a touch of wild.


Coming from the city of Dundret in the Arctic Circle, Kristofer has tamed skiing on hills and in uncompromising conditions. Alpine skiing as training, then freeride and skiing with friends... the same friends who will enrol him in the Scandinavian Freeride Championships. He climbs the second place and a door opens on his skills. From that day, his growth will be a constant. In summer, he works as a miner to pay his winters, invests more and more in skiing and, in 2013, and then also in 2014, he won the Scandinavian championships. After that, he arrived to the FWQ, the step before the FWT, and won it and entered the 2015 Freeride World Tour. In his first season, he won a race and ranked fourth in the championship. The following year, he ranked second for a detail. The following year, in 2018, he became the world champion. And then, the following year, he ranked second again. And the fact that Anima are his skis is obviously connected to this outrageous success.

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