Nikolai Schirmer



Coming from a country where mountains stretch as far as the eyes can see, Nikolai is a patient and expert downhill hunter. When time comes, he emerges with a sudden inspiration and then, meticulously, captures its aesthetics in a unique video.

Originally from Tromsø, in the far north of Norway, Nikolai grew up in a cold and snowy region where you have to travel to be able to climb. It was thus on a hill not far from home that he did his first evolutions with his high school friends. His apprenticeship was as a self-taught person on virgin terrain, as close as possible to the roots of skiing. Despite good results in local competitions, he never settled merely for this playful activity. He furthered his studies, began the seasonal migrations in Chamonix to discover high mountains, and trained in video direction and editing. He has become a highly talented skier, an excellent video operator, and an advocate who is likely in future to be exceptionally talented.

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