Christina Lusti



A former member of the Canadian national team of Alpine skiing who became a skiing guide, Lusti possesses all the strengths of an excellent mountain skier: passion, determination and constant amazement.

Christina Lustenberger, aka Lusti, grew up in Invermere in British Columbia. It is here that her parents, Jane of Vancouver, and Peter, originally from Switzerland, have been running for four decades the Lusti’s ski and coffee shop at the Panorama Mountain Resort. Eager to ski as fast as the boys – and even more so -, she developed a passion for Alpine skiing, especially the giant slalom. Her talent and determination took her to the Turin Olympic Games before an excessively long string of injuries forced her to end her competitive career. Her reconversion took place when she obtained a diploma as ACMG ski guide, which allowed her to stick to the mountain and ski… on the mountains.

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