Tuck Graham



Tuck is a steadfast youngster. He set his sights on becoming a professional skier, and this deep desire led him to accomplish his dream: skiing with the best and becoming their equal.

Originally from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Tuck grew up with the desire to be a skier. A skier like those encountered in videos, free and wild, who listens only to his passion. After high school, he let his friends move to college, while he stuck to his conviction that his destiny was linked to two wooden boards. He tried his fortune with the Freeride World Qualifier, the portal to the Freeride World Tour, but did not go past honourable finishes. He doubted, but stood his ground. Having left the competition gates behind, he built his notoriety through the social networks. He accordingly placed his skiing and his personality under the spotlight. Success was not hard in coming, and Tuck can legitimately be proud that he won his challenge: becoming a professional skier by betting only on himself.

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