Most frequent questions

+ Which skins will match with which big mountain skis ?

As we do not have precut skins for our Big Mountain line, we reccommend using the Pilus trim to fit 120 or 135.

+ Can I re-glue my skins ?

Yes, you can re-glue your PILUS skins from the season 2020.21 (if you have the older model Pellis, that one was made with hybrid glue, so you don't need to re-glue them. If you are having problems with them, then the best thing to do is clean them with soap or specific skin cleaner. Swix Skin Cleaner is a great product for this)

+ How can I mount telemark bindings on my freebird skis?

Our freebird skis are not designed to support the stress applied by telemark bindings. Please note: we won't accept any warranty in case of delamination. 

My order & Pro deal
+ How can I track my order?

Orders dispatch generally ship out within 2-4 business days of placing an order. Once the order ships, you will receive a email with a FedEx tracking number for the US and CA and a DPD tracking number for EU.

+ I am a pro, how do I register ?

Simply fill this form, we will get back to you as soon as possible


+ How to claim warranty on your product ?

In order to claim warranty on your product please visit the warranty section on our website.

Regardless or where you purchased your product, we've got you covered. All we need is a basic proof of purchase (receipt is great, but if you don't have that - a bank statement or something similar works too).

The process is super simple. You get in contact with us, and if your claim is validated - we'll arrange for a replacement to be sorted. It takes around 2-3 days to approve a claim, and then we'll arrange collection. The whole process will take 2-3 weeks. 

Skis, skins & poles
+ Why are the serial numbers different on my skis?

Every ski has a different serial number, and as a result - each ski can have a different serial number. They do not have a left and right.

+ What is the weight of the Pilus Skins?

The weight of the skins varies depending on the ski and size, however - we've provided the weight of an "average" sized pair of skins.

Pilus skins for the Camox Freebird 178: 470g/pair or 1.03Pounds/pair

+ Where are the skis made?

In Slovenia: vertis, arto, justis, serpo, mirus cor, captis, nocta, atris, atris birdie, captis birdie, vertis birdie, solis, camox jr, camox birdie jr.

In Austria: orb, divus, anima, corvus, divus birdie, anima birdie, corvus freebird, ova freebird, mentis freebird.

In Bulgaria: camox, camox birdie, camox freebird, navis freebird, orb freebird, atris jr, junius, junius birdie

+ How heavy is a duos freebird ?

The weight of the duos is 244g per pole.

+ How do I define the mounting point for my bindings?

The arrow located on the sidwall is the determined mount point. You shouldn't go more than +2cm, -2cm. However, your skis are made with these recommended points, so we advise you to follow them. 

+ What should I do if my skins doesn't stick anymore ? (only for pellis)

If your skins don't stick anymore, it is because they are dirty (or wet). You should clean them with dish soap or dedicated products. Swix Skin Cleaner is a great place to start.

If you're using skins multiple times per day, it's a good idea to keep them warm when you're skiing. Keeping them inside your jacket for the descent can really help as it dries the moisture and ensures the glue works when you put them back on.

+ What’s the folded size of the Trios freebird?

The folded size of a Trios freebird is 41,5cm.

+ What is the tuning edge for my skis ?

The tuning edge is different between each ski. To know one of your skis, please, check the technical sheet. You can submit your email address on the product page and we'll email you the relevant information.

+ What is the length of the duos when they are folded?

The length of a folded duos is 97cm.   

+ What is a ski radius ?

The radius is a ski characteristic that will affect your turn. A shorter radius will allow to have tight turns, while longer radius will allow long turns.

+ How can I find replacement baskets/straps for my poles?

If you have lost or broken your baskets, straps or any spare parts please send contact us with your address, phone number, and pictures of where the missing piece is supposed to be.

Alternatively, visit your local Black Crows authorised dealer and they will be able to order them for you.

+ How can I measure my skis?

To measure the length of your skis, you need a measuring tape. Please, measure on the running base side, the curved length.

+ Can I mount my skis on +2, -2 ... ?

Our skis are designed to work at the recommended mounting points. It's possible to mount them at +2 cm or -2cm, beyond that it is your responsibility if there is any damage.  

+ What pomoca skin best represents the blackcrows skins?

Our skins are a mix between the Climb 2.0 and Climb Pro S-Glide.

+ What is the difference between the mens and womens line?

The two lines do not differ other than the topsheet designs, except for vertis birdie & captis birdie which are lighter and softer than men version.

+ What is the skis' construction?

The resort, all-terrain and big mountain series are usually constructed with a poplar woodcore & mixed fiberglass. Some models have titanal layers. The Freebird serie is constructed generally with a lighter paulownia woodcore and a mixed of carbon & fiberglass.  

+ How can I find my size?

On all of our textile products, you will find a button "find my size". Simply enter your sizing information and it will bring back all of the relevant information.

+ Is it good to wash my jacket or pants?

Yes it is good. You will find instructions on the inside of the garments on the best way to wash them. As a general rule, make sure you wash them on a low heat on a gentle cycle. For Gore-Tex™ products it's best to use specialist products. Please refer to specific instructions for down jackets.

+ How to wash my down jacket?

Wash your down jacket in the washing machine at 30°C, inside out, with closed zippers, with small quantity of powder & no fabric softener.

Wash your down jacket with other clothes so that the washing machine is half full.

To dry,either use a tumbler dryer at low temperature or put it flat on a close rack. Once it's dry, hit with hands the down jacket to re-inflate the feathers.

+ What to do if my down jacket is loosing down?

You can either use a steamer, or put the down jacket in the tumbler at low temperature. It will heat & tighten the fibers of the fabric.

Bags and backpacks
+ Is there a spot for water in the dorsa 27 / 20 pack?

Yes, there is pocket that you can put a water pouch in along with a hole to feed the line through to the shoulder strap.

+ Is there a helmet holder on the dorsa 27 / 20 ?

There is no helmet holder on the dorsa 27 / 20

+ How i can carry skis on the Dorsa 27 / 20

On the Dorsa 27 there are 2 solutions : in diagonal and on the side. 

On the Dorsa 20 it's in diagonal.

My order & website
+ Is it just a defect or just a damage ?

is your product defective because of a problem in materials or workmanship? or is it just damaged from use or simply worn out?

a product is defective when it derogates from its normal state of function and repair because of an inherent problem in its materials or in its manufacture.

a product is damaged when it derogates from its normal state of function and repair because of normal wear and tear, collision with objects, improper care, or use with certain bindings (i the case of skis).

defective products are covered by our 2 year warranty, whereas products that are damaged are not.

here are a few examples of cases that are not covered by warranty:

normal wear resulting from standard usage that occurs over time. examples include the following:

skis and poles

“my topsheet is chipped from crossing my skis.”

“my top sheet is faded from the sun.”

“my skis are softer than when i bought them.”


“the ankle cuffs on my ski pants have cuts on them from my ski edges/crampons.”

“the colour of my jacket has slightly faded in the sun/wind/snow.”

“my outerwear is starting to look wet in places.

damage resulting from contact with objects while skiing. examples include the following:

“i hit a rail and my edge is cracked or blown out.”

“i hit a rock and there is a hole in the base.”

“i hit a tree stump and the ski is snapped.”


“my jacket got caught on a branch skiing in the forest and ripped.”

+ In which countries do we ship to ?

Tab here:


+ What if I want to return my order for a refund ?

If you’re not happy for any reason, you can return your items on regular orders for a full refund. Simply fill out the form on our website and we'll get back to you to confirm your return.

When returning items, please remember the rules of the policy (items must be in new condition, within 30 days etc). When your return will be confirmed you will receive a full refund on the bank account you used for your order. We'll keep you informed during the process.


+ What payment methods do we accept ?

We currently accept payments on credit card (mastercard © , visa © and american express ©), alongside Paypal and Klarna.

For credit cards we use stripe.com to ensure your payments are secure. Stripe is a secure third party online payment gateway that verifies and encrypts your card details in a secure host environment. 

Klarna allows you to split your payments in to multiple chunks.

Please note that your billing address must be entered exactly as it appears on your bank statement.

+ How can I get some black crows stickers ?

In order to get some stickers, please send us a pre-stamped envelope with your address on it at our office: 125 Chemin des Tissourds, 74400 Chamonix Mont Blanc. And we will give you a set. If you order from our online store, you'll also get a limited edition Black Crows club de Ski sticker.

+ How can I know if my order is confirmed ?

When you confirm your order on the website, you will receive a confirmation by email with a recap of your order and the tracking number.

+ How do I change or cancel my order immediately ?

If you are still shopping and have not hit the "submit your order" button, you can remove items from your cart and make any changes necessary.

Once you’ve hit the "submit your order" button, your order has gone through and is being processed. We can't make any real changes at this point, as the order goes straight to our warehouse for shipping. But, if your delivery address is incorrect - we can help you fix that up by talking with our live chat agents or messaging us on the contact page.

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+ Which transporter do you use for my country?


US & CA : FedEx

+ How do I apply to be an ambassador?

Please visit our contact us tab at the bottom of the page and submit your athlete resume.

+ What is the estimated express shipping for my order?

Orders placed with express shipping, generally shipout within a 1 business day of placeing the order.

Pro Deal Program
+ I'm a pro, how do I register?

Simply fill this form, we will get back to you as soon as possible


+ How long does it take for my discount to show?

We ask that you please allow 24 hours after you create your account for your account to reflect pro pricing. 

+ What does pro pricing include?

Pro pricing is applied tothe whole website.

+ Can I use the discount to purchase for my friends and family?

No, we ask that you use your discount for yourself. If we find that you are abusing your discount. We will be taking action and closing your account.

+ Do I qualify for pro deal?

Our pro deal program is open to those, who are working members of the ski industry. Including Ski patrol, guides, instructors, coaches and media services. Don't see your occupation included? Contact us via our live chat.

+ How much of a discount do I receive?

We offer 30% off retail for pro pricing.