Kajsa Larsson



Kajsa is a paramount swedish skier. Blonde, clear eyes, badass, living in Are. She hails from the south of sweden though and was only recently skiing about a couple weeks a year. Raised close to the sea by a father who loved windsurfing, this very active athlete started with trampoline gymnastics until her mid-teens, before following on her father footsteps. She won windsurfing world championships but decided that skiing was her thing and followed her boyfriend William for a maiden winter trip to Engelberg. This was 2013 and the place was vibrant with a close-knit skiing community that definitely appealed to Kajsa. She barely knew how to ride powder but got to her first freeride competition that very winter on rental skis. That's how committed Kajsa is. « I'm easily bored » she says, « I need to do new stuff and move on. » She met with blackcrows on a surf trip to Biarritz, and loved the aesthetics, « it's clean and fun, I guess it speaks to my Scandinavian spirit. »  

Kajsa loves to explore, ride big mountains, and enjoy the European alps, « the best terrain in the world when the conditions are good ». She hates bananas, chocolate and eggs, but she loves caviar. 

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