Arnaud Cottet


It is unusual to find a skier capable of opening the doors of perception, of going beyond the distorting mirror of vanity to find her interest elsewhere, Arnaud is one of them. Arnaud is a citizen of the world whose secret is kept by Swiss people. His path is classic, alpine skiing up to 16 years, then the desire to breathe that takes him to snow parks with friends, followed by the unmissable period of freestyle competitions. During this linear training, an old-fashioned mountain aunt will introduce him to touring. He hesitates, but the virus is there, he sleeps and will wake up a few years later with something new, the wanderlust. It was during a ski trip to Romania that he realized, at the age of 18, the amazement that comes from the unknown. From then on, he takes his camera with him wherever he goes, and starts to shoot his films. He produced his first film in 2012, Time of my Life, together with his partner Benoît Goncerut. The following year, his effort is devoted to Timelapse project, again with Benoît, a road trip from Switzerland to Iran with a weekly program on Swiss radio. This adventure will give life to We Ride In Iran, a concept to promote snow sports in Iran which - beyond the concrete actions it will give life to - can be considered the milestone for Arnaud's desire to go beyond the simple sporting trip, but there is the objective to open new doors. Then, there will be Afghanistan, with the intention of skiing on the highest peak after a road trip started in Lausanne with another companion, Loïs Robatel. At the same time to these trips in which he directs, co-directs and produces films, he was an international freestyle judge up to the Olympic Games in PyeongChang. Recently, he launched the Glacier eyewear brand with Benoît and continues to explore what he finds wherever he goes.

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