Pierre Guyot



Free skiing has found his bard. Pierre is a hymn to good company, sometimes with a thin slice of bacon and other times as poet of the ordinary. Communicating the joy of skiing while laughing about yourself, transmitting beauty without bothering about the great exploits, Pierre is unique as he has the ability to lift skiing from its ridiculous gravity status.

Originally from Ménuires, Pierre followed the classic itinerary of a youngster raised in a mountain village. The skiing poles up to 15 years before he realised that his supernatural glide, blessed by the gods, was not sufficient to make up for the lack of combativeness vis-à-vis his mates. Then came freestyle, where he blossomed before he found his celestial balance. He won the French half pipe cup in 2003 and joined the French team, with which he went through a five-year adventure rich of experiences, victories and defeats. That was followed by photo shoots, backcountry, friends, and creativity; he later became instructor, switching to the other side of the fence to teach fiery young people to master their passion. Meanwhile, Pierre worked as journalist for the specialised press and accomplished a thousand and one things that helped cheer up the free skiing world. To him we owe in particular a fake quadruple backflip which, having started as a mere joke, eventually caught the web by fire.

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