Jochen Mesle



Jochen Mesle is a smart scientist and green mountaineer of 32 years old with 300 horse power on tap , german quality made. You have only to look at his last mountaineering courses to be convinced. Having grown up in the small remote village of Durbheimin Germany, heused to be a cross-country skier until 17 years old. Later on, he decided to settle in Innsbruck , Austria. There he combined physics studies and snow and mastered his mountain skills and freeriding commitment. Mixing creativity and technical skiing, two of the main interests in his skier’s life today. Here ally is a powder hunter, searching for white gold around the european’s biggest summits. Moving mountains to live from his passion, sharing his time between friends and sheer determination to reach his dreams. A tease with long distance trips and however really sensitive about environmental issues, he quickly decided to reduce his impact on our planet opting for bikepacking, clean types of travel aiming to protect the nature he grew up with. In 2018, he realized a 100% self powered adventure with his friend Max Kroneck. A ski expedition that starts right on their own doorsteps in southern Germany. Six weeks on the road, 1.800km, 35.000 vertical meters and a dream come true. After pedaling and skiing through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France, they reached the best ski festivals around the world with this documentary produced by ELFlamingo. The german rider is a green activist, hardworking and well organised rider. With free ski tricks on lock as well he is just an all around mountaineer. Just one hell of a solid boy Jochen is riding the Atris for every day skiing and ski touring. He likes the Anima for charging big mountain lines and is addicted to the playful Nocta for its euphoria in the deep ski sauvage days.

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