1. Mustafa Ceylan
    the unstoppable crow
  2. Michael « Bird » Shaffer
    attitude of gratitude
  3. Mattias Fredriksson
    a photographer’s track
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what is black doc?

blackcrows weaves a community that loves skiing, and lives fully through the art and joy of sliding on snow. Professional or amateur skiers who have found in this true passion a path to a certain idea of happiness, and who have the courage to defend it.
Each black doc is an introspection, diving into the live of members of this community, who describe the obstacles and experiences they have gone through to reach their own vision of skiing, and the freedom and joy that it can bring.
Enjoy the flight.

Our latest episode
Mattias Fredriksson,
“a photographer’s track”

The Swedish crow Mattias Fredriksson, who now lives deep in British Columbia, is one of the most published photographers of his generation. He started in 1998 with the young Henrik Windsted, who was to become his friend, and Mattias has since taken some of the most iconic photos of a sport that still drives him with a consuming passion. He talks about how his work has changed in some ways, and not in others, from the analog times to the social media boom. Because as he says, "It's one thing to take good pictures, it's another to be a good photographer."

Black Crows - Mattias Fredriksson

Michael « Bird » Shaffer,
“attitude of gratitude”

Bird's story is a patchwork, fragments and colorful periods that, in retrospect, mark out a journey still in motion. Everything is a cycle, and for this winged animal, it all comes back to the source, as he does himself every summer back in Twisp (Washington), in the hilly land of his childhood. Born into an atypical family, a fighter pilot father who left everything behind to follow his wife and fund a hippie community, Michael Shaffer was raised free and happy, close to nature. Those were also hard and frugal years, which forged an iconoclastic character but above all one of unlimited freedom.

Black Crows - Michael Bird Shaffer
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