1. Gabriella Palko
    futur female
  2. Mustafa Ceylan
    the unstoppable crow
  3. Michael « Bird » Shaffer
    attitude of gratitude
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what is black doc?

blackcrows weaves a community that loves skiing, and lives fully through the art and joy of sliding on snow. Professional or amateur skiers who have found in this true passion a path to a certain idea of happiness, and who have the courage to defend it.
Each black doc is an introspection, diving into the live of members of this community, who describe the obstacles and experiences they have gone through to reach their own vision of skiing, and the freedom and joy that it can bring.
Enjoy the flight.

Our latest episode
Michael « Bird » Shaffer,
“attitude of gratitude”

Bird's story is a patchwork, fragments and colorful periods that, in retrospect, mark out a journey still in motion. Everything is a cycle, and for this winged animal, it all comes back to the source, as he does himself every summer back in Twisp (Washington), in the hilly land of his childhood.
Born into an atypical family, a fighter pilot father who left everything behind to follow his wife and fund a hippie community, Michael Shaffer was raised free and happy, close to nature. Those were also hard and frugal years, which forged an iconoclastic character but above all one of unlimited freedom.

Black Crows - Michael Shaffer

Mustafa « Moustique » Ceylan,
“the unstoppable crow”

A Swiss crow of Kurdish descent, necessarily multilingual and multiple, Moustique (French for “mosquito”) is a relentless lover of skiing. He lives in Montreux on the shores of lake Leman and works the most local snowfields in a responsible way, far from globalisation, he rarely travels more than 30km away from home to have fun and bang his light and strong body on hard snow. Having fun is the most important thing for this skier who only fell in love with skiing at the age of 15, but whose passion has grown more intense every day since. Moustique falls a lot, but as he says, "that's how you learn".
A true skibum, dedicated and single minded.

Black Crows - Mustafa Ceylan
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