Callum Pettit



His character is commensurate with his skiing. Patient, careful and methodical, Callum is an explosive and instinctive rider when it comes to getting serious.

Originally from Quebec, he was in Whistler, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and in the mythical backcountry of British Columbia, which sharpened his skills as freeskier. Ten years later, Callum achieved great success in the skiing media arena by winning two Powder Video Awards for his segment in Into the Mind of Sherpas Cinemas. This deserved renown has not changed his rhythms of life: a house in Pemberton he is gradually restructuring, backcountry sessions in the surrounding mountains, distant trips for shooting purposes, snowboard without showing it too much to his skiing sponsor, hockey games, bike riding and surfing in summer, friends and the ups and downs of life. Callum also aims to write his own stories and move to the other side of the camera. Everything in its time, however, as he wants to be certain that he can arrange his own line before making any commitment.

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