Yannick Boissenot



Cameraman and mountain photographer, Yannick has become a key witness to the verticality of the world.

Born in Bourg Saint Maurice, Yannick learnt skiing, snowboard, skateboard and climbing in the Les Arcs locality and the Vanoise range. Good student as he was, he decided to immortalise his friends when his parents gifted him a small digital camera for his fifteenth birthday. He was conquered by image at once, and after juggling simultaneously with skiing, climbing, the mountain and the camera, he joined an audiovisual school in Montpellier. Particularly comfortable on the extreme limit of verticality, he gradually made a name for himself, decided to migrate to Chamonix, and performed expeditions and shooting on mountains. A lover of skis as a means of exploration and sharing, he travelled to the four corners of the world to film mountains and descents where some might prefer to focus on their own balance without having to keep their eyes on the lens. Yannick’s work is breathtaking, as are his successful accomplishments in extreme skiing, including the southeast face of Artesonraju in Peru, the third repetition of the legendary Autrichiens aux Courtes route, or the opening of the Beuf Sara canal in Aiguille du Peigne. To perfect his field of vision and his mobility in the mountains, he tried his hand in paragliding as well. Beware of vertigo.

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