Layla Kerley



Layla would probably describe her job as " standing in awkward places taking pictures of boys in negative temperatures.” Defined by her huge backpack, messy ginger hair and ‘Dad jokes’ (the french just think she’s rude), this artist had no intention whatsoever of becoming a photographer, even less a ski one ... Raised in Chamonix back in the golden days of fun and ski culture, she’d dreamt herself a creative life in a big city, preferably a long way away. But even with Degrees in Contemporary Art and Graphic Design, studying in Edinburgh and London; the magnetic pull of the mountains finally won. Skiing is a sacred family affair but it’s her love story with Bruno Compagnet, which took her skiing to the dark side. And from iPhone shots to real camera, she quickly taught herself to photograph their adventures on snow, water and on the road.

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