Flo Bastien

“Let’s stick to the plan and ship him a pair later.”


Nothing moves on the snow, until a veil of fresh snow invades the universe. Like a masterful football player, Flo has the ability to exalt the snow with a gesture heading from nowhere.

Originally from Tignes, Flo grew up in communion with mountains, though he strangely became an ardent supporter of the Paris Saint-Germain football team, situated 722 kilometres away. This oddity aside, he is the son of a tracker and a doctor, which thing did not stop him playing extensively across the entire skiing area. After the classic years of race bibs in the slalom stadiums, he devoted himself to freestyle. His first sponsors coincided with the start of university studies, and undoubtedly interfered with his ambitions about administrative and commercial management. After a parenthesis of slopestyle races interspersed by marketing courses by correspondence, he ventured with five of his accomplices from Tignes into Gpsy Feelin, a collective aiming to specialise in crazy skiing videos. Flo was fully confident of this entertaining undertaking, taking part in five crazy movies, some of which have attained cult status. Then came a third place in the Linecatcher competition, which oddly coincided with a 720 degree shift in his approach to the world of videos, moving from the naive editing of the Gipsy Feelin to the ethereal breath of his collaboration with Nikolai Schirmer. At the same time he became ambassador, model and marketing collaborator for Black Crows. Deep in his soul, regardless of results, bribes, hidden funding and travels, he supports Paris Saint-Germain.

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