Wild Outside-In


apparel behind the scenes 

The paradigm shift regarding our technical textile range is entering its third season.

Three winters ago, we partnered with BenQ, a Taiwanese corporation that produces Xpore®, a microporous membrane using water-based glues and solvents, which makes it less harmful for the environment.

Our Xpore® outfits are PFC free, toxic free, breathable and waterproof, but they are first and foremost durable in their timeless design as are their time tested materials. 


Imagined, designed and tested at the very core of our Chamonix nest, our apparel Freebird Xpore® collection is made in Europe with a renewed attention to detail and responsible choice of materials.

blackcrows technical garments are meant to be simple, stripped-down design on the outside, yet shiny and joyful inside for an impeccable performance. blackcrows details and functionality allow to move forward, flowing with the intensive and natural movement of the skier, whatever the conditions.