Powder Hunting Capsule

limited edition

powder hunting


our new Powder Hunting Capsule is dedicated to all the powder chasers out there, day and night. Beware, this is a once in a lifetime, limited edition capsule and like fresh snow, you should get it while it lasts.

Nocta Powder Hunting Skis

the new generation Nocta is the ultimate ski for magical big conditions, now more flexible and with increased camber for a perfect balance to surf the deepest powder.

are you ready for take-off? 

Powder Hunting Shovel XL

nothing worse than huge amounts of snow when it's blocking the way out to go enjoy yourself. Always be ready with our ice breaking, heavy duty, full-strength shovel.

Powder Hunting Hat

designed to be stealthy and stylish, this is our answer to all the deep powder lovers out there who are looking to go out and do their thing keeping their ears warm.

Powder Hunting Xpore Jacket

numerous pockets, velcro closure systems and packable, this jacket is designed to make time under the falling snow more elegant, night or day. La vie est belle.