ski sauvage - Palisades

Meet us at Palisades Tahoe on January 12th and 13th at the village demo center to demo our 23.24 ski collection and register to one of our ski sauvage sessions hosted by blackcrows athletes

ski sauvage

It is skiing in all its joyous substance. It's the sharing, between professional skiers and weekend warriors, long time skiers and pristine beginners, of turns and curves made on a surface of crystallized water.

Ski sauvage is the pleasure of chasing spots on new skis and to carve ephemeral geometrical tracks with like-minded crows. 

blackcrows 23.24 ski collection: test them all

The blackcrows ski collection is sorted into 3 wide categories: big Mountain, all-Terrain, and touring. These categories channel our vision of skiing and enforce 4 immutable criteria that span all our products: all terrain, all snow, ease, and efficiency.

The whole range is made up of 31 different skis, that’s why we are always at the ready to give you sound advice and tell crazy stories.

your ski sauvage hosts: Michael Bird Shaffer and Casey Jillson

There is no one like Bird. His encounter changes forever the perception of the world, because his energy shines upon every element and every person as if a shower of light. It is the bird that skies and flies, whether in his home state of Washington, his nest in Chamonix, or within the flock of Ski Sauvage.

From the hard granite of the Tetons, Casey brings a certain soft, playfulness to the slopes. If you can’t see her coming, you will certainly hear her jovial laugh. She was born to a longtime Jackson Hole ski patroller and fifth generation Jackson family, following in the footsteps of the men of her family, whom are skilled skiers. Casey is a personal trainer, moving athletes of all ages and abilities. She helps to run and manage a wellness center in downtown Jackson. When you see her, don’t ask for training advice, unless you tip her.