Tristan Droppert



Tristan has consumed many boards, wondered across the Rockies, and experienced the deep friendship that is established between men who share virgin slopes. The marketing manager for North America brings a love for skiing with him.

Originally from the Seattle suburbs, Tristan learnt how to ski on the humid and dark Cascade Mountains. A harsh and wild place where low difference in altitude is compensated by prodigious snowfalls heading from the Pacific. It is there that he debuted, perfecting his technique on the slalom tracks until the end of high school and exploiting the fresh snow outside peak hours. That was followed by the university years in Colorado, one eye on the books and the other on the mountains, learning about the shifting snows of the Rockies. After graduating, he relocated to Jackson Hole, wondering across the Tetons for almost a decade. It is here that he became acquainted with Black Crows, and it is here that he harnessed his knowledge of the environment and his fraternal spirit in favour of a growing brand. This brand owes him a lot. It’s a fact.

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