Noctouring - Vail

Meet us on February 8 at Cripple Creek Backcountry in Avon, CO for a free demo of the Mentis Freebird, a night touring session with blackcrows athletes and an aprés-ski.


A special après-ski or after work session, in the dark. We will try to beat the clock, the guest crows, or just to have fun aboard blackcrows' lightest, the mentis freebird. A ski designed for multi-days touring trip, steep and technical mountain routes or just to get your stamina fix when your schedule is tight.

The Mentis Freebird

This ski was born out of the desire to develop a thin, high-performance and very light machine, but with the aim of achieving very high skiability. It is thus a very light piece of ski, but still very powerful and performing on the way down.

Perfect for the longest touring days deep in the mountains, or for impromptu after work training sessions. Its bright color makes it easier to ride at night. Or so they say.

Your hosts: Mikey Hovey and Casey Rietz

A wizardry of motion began with skateboards, led to snowboards, and eventually included skis. Casey Ritz does not discriminate against whatever is under his feet, as it is only the flow he creates that matters. The Ski Patroller has large skill bags and approaches the mountain in his own way as each turn, bump, rollover, lip and obstacle enhances the pleasure. His happiness is infectious, just follow him down the mountain and it is uncertain if there is more joy in watching him or in mimicking his laid-back style.

Mikey is a former Heli-ski guide with a passion for snow, and skiing with others. When he followed the skier’s migration to France, a love affair with blackcrows began. Et Voila, he became Le Capitaine of Ski Sauvage since its inception. He wanders around, seeking the opportunity to share an experience that only skiing provides, and his love of the mountains deepens in every moment shared.