Ski Sauvage - Keene Valley

Meet us at Otis Mountain on February 12 during the "Mountaineer Mountainfest" to demo our 22.23 touring ski collection and register to one of our ski sauvage sessions hosted by blackcrows athletes.

What is Ski Sauvage ?

It is skiing in all its joyous substance. It's the sharing, between professional skiers and weekend warriors, long time skiers and pristine beginners, of turns and curves made on a surface of crystallized water. Ski Sauvage is the pleasure of chasing spots on new skis and to carve ephemeral geometrical tracks with like-minded crows.

Pick your weapon

Blackcrows ski collection is sorted into 4 wide categories: Big Mountain, All-Terrain, Piste and Touring. These categories channel our vision of skiing and enforce 4 immutable criteria that span all our products: all terrain, all snow, ease, efficiency.

The whole range is made up of 31 different skis, all available for test during Ski Sauvage. Try them, and meet your match.

Your hosts: Dean Decas and Peter Butler

An original crow, just shout out “Greek” in Chamonix and everyone will turn to witness the elusive, long-haired, ski-loving gypsy. Deano Decas’ love for skiing is immeasurable as he takes every opportunity from the rarely snow-covered gravel pits of Cape Cod to the highest peaks in the Alps. He is a teacher of skiing, and a philosopher of life. A day with him in the mountains will change your life. 

Peter Butler is a mountain man who exemplifies the meaning of “Tough Vermonter.” In this case tough does not mean gruff, as he is a savant of skis and skiing who loves to share his knowledge with other skiers. Look out for bacon in his pocket or charcuterie in his backpack.