Tom Leitner



Tom is the worthy representative of German romanticism. In him, skiing combines sensitivity and performance. The gesture weds nature to the point of embodying its strength.

Tom is like the country where he was born, the Bavarian Alps, a blend of softness and strength. He grew up on the foots of the mountain and learnt to ski while devoting himself to a variety of more intuitive activities such as skateboard, BMX, dirt, freestyle skiing or snowboard. He naturally turned to freeride in a period of professional choices and took part in local and then international races. The homogeneity of his style, a combination of power and elegance, allowed him to quickly integrate in the Freeride World Tour, where he spent two seasons full of ups and downs, as his spirit already seemed elsewhere: on sets with Mischfabrik and especially with the collective Legs Of Steel, with which he began a fruitful collaboration. During these years, Tom became a father, and took part in various design and prêt-à-porter projects, while continuing to engage in video and photo shoots all over the world. Tom immediately understood that he was a “man” before being a “skier”, without ever forgetting that skiing burns inside him.

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