Tom Grant



Tom shares the phlegm of the British explorer and the ardour of the American adventurer. A guide who likes to share fabulous days with his customers and unforgettable odysseys with his mates.

English, American, from Chamonix… Tom is especially a citizen of the soil and the mountains. After spending his childhood in the state of Virginia, he landed in the British Sussex at the age of 11. It is there that he discovered climbing on limestone outcrops before he was won over by the giddy excitement of climbing that led him to Chamonix for his high mountain evolutions. It is only as an adolescent that he discovered skiing, but quickly made up for such belated start by becoming an expert skier at once. Having turned into an Alpine guide, he has made skiing his speciality, being especially attracted by steep slopes, with many firsts to his name and trips to the four corners of the globe. Resident in Chamonix, Tom radiates his love for the mountain to his customers and climbing partners, including the Crows Johanna Stålnacke, Ross Hewitt and Enrico Moseti, with whom he loves sharing this unique feeling of ski blades biting the snow when they look out over the abyss.

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