Ross Hewitt



Ross’ constellation is one of magical mountains. Undoubtedly, his Celtic ancestry casts a magical light on his adventures, as if you were heading for the peaks with the friendliest and most reassuring travel companion.

Originally from northeastern Scotland, near the Arctic Circle, Ross started skiing at the age of seven on windswept hills and has never abandoned his ski boards since. He began mountaineering in the harsh climate of the highlands, discovering in the Alps a more pleasant climate that drove him into wonderful explorations. Through mountaineering and ski mountaineering, Ross was initiated into the “Alpine” adventure and never stopped discovering new mountains. Land of Baffin, New Zealand, Norway, the wilder the lands, the more the Scotsman thrives, the steeper the slopes, the more his free spirit gains the upperhand on mental limits. Ross is a quiet mountain poet. No matter how much you might praise it, his voice fades into the magic of the act. As humble as he is talented, his splendour is proof of the fact that the profession of guide retains its full meaning intact.

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