Minna Riihimaki



Those who love to climb mountains and descend them on skis, compete with different slopes and venture where no one goes, necessarily also had to leave the hard path traced by a serious accident, finding resources in the beauty of the world. A native of Lappeenranta, in southeastern Finland, a land at sea level near the Russian border, Minna continued her dentistry studies in Grenoble, where she discovered Chamonix, and settled there with a doctor with whom she had two children. Always strong-willed and daring, she carries out three activities at the same time, skiing, her career as a dentist and her role as a mother. Attracted by competitive skiing, she signed some great successes on the Mont Blanc, including the first woman from Frendo to the Aiguille du Midi. She also participates in many independent expeditions, including the crossing of the Lyngen Alps or at Spitsbergen. After a serious ski accident in 2016, she improved her determination with a slow and painful recovery, but true to her character of maximizing life, she completes an MBA course in management and then launches herself into new professional challenges. Whether it's her perseverance in the mountains or her courage to deal with a serious injury, Minna's attitude sounds like a reminder of the strength that can be generated by passion.

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