Mikey Hovey



A former Jackson Hole-based wandering skier, Mikey marked his destiny by relocating to Alaska where he turned into a guide and by taking part in the shooting of movies on skiing before he founded the Alpine Initiatives association.

Born in Aspen, Mikey grew up in the Vail Valley and could not therefore but turn into a pure Colorado skier. That is apart from his passion for ice hockey, which kept him away from the tracks for most of his adolescence. Catapulted into a university in Vermont, he painfully gave up the idea of becoming a professional hockey player, but resumed skiing with enthusiasm. After his studies, he relocated to San Francisco, but the attraction of the mountains was too strong, so he joined one of his brothers in Jackson Hole, where he fell into ecstasy when confronted by the Tetons range. After a few years of skiing at 360°, he decided to explore the possibilities of working in Haines, in Alaska. There he became a skiing guide and developed ties of friendship with JP Auclair, who was attending the same course as his, beginning to work on shooting films dedicated to sports on the snow. He collaborated with many productions and met Julien Regnier. Introduced by the latter to Black Crows, he became one of its ambassadors. Simultaneously, Mikey founded the Alpine Initiatives association with JP to implement charity programs. After JP’s death, the association evolved towards new missions, including the Canari Club project that seeks to create an inter-generational bond with the mountain.

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