Mike Henitiuk



Had it not been for skiing, snowboard or bike riding, Mike would have become a hunter. He is an outsider, who makes his way through the wet creepers of the primary forests to reach his objective: a virgin mountain.

Originally from Spruce Grove, a mi-sized city in the heart of Alberta, in central Canada, Mike was lucky to have parents eager for their children’s happiness. Mike’s happiness was in skiing, especially freestyle, hiking, adventure and friends. After high school, he relocated to Whistler, bought a snowmobile and started wandering through the mountains. As he kept improving on the skis, he specialised in videos and editing. Various phases then ensued, until, with three friends, Riley Leboe, Joe Schuster and Matt Margetts, he created the Seeking Nirvana series. A breathtaking Internet soap opera made of freshness, humour, good skiing and friendship that has racked up success and rewards. As for the rest, Mike continues to write it to our great delight.

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