Michelle Parker



Michelle, the Californian who became a model for all freeride skiers. The speed of her smile and communicative joy equal the speed of her bends and the emotion that her skiing attracts.

A fiery and wild skier, Michelle possesses the agility and courage of a black panther, a nickname inherited from her first years in Squaw Valley. Winner of the prestigious Best Female Performance at the Powder Videos Award 2013, she became one of the most iconic skiers in the videos shot in North America. Fond of free skiing, Michelle began with Alpine skiing before she quit the slalom stadiums to follow a group of bad boys consisting of Shane McConkey, Scott Gaffney and J.T. Holmes. She devoted herself first to freestyle, earning international podiums, before she turned to shootings with Warren Miller, Poor Boyz and now MSP. An adventurer at heart, she does not hesitate to tackle the high mountain with a descent of the Denali, a co-production for the Web Originate series, or a women’s cause with Safe As Clinics.

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