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Hey by the way you don’t look your age baby!

Here is a unique collection dedicated to celebrate the 15 years of blackcrows, with 5 skis to use on snow,
accompanied by some classic textile items and a water bottle because we are very thirsty.
It's a pink party.

Black Crows - 15 Year anniversary edition

limited edition

Black Crows - limited edition

limited edition

For 15 years, blackcrows has been propagating an exploration of a joyful lifestyle through an exacerbated sensory journey in the culture of skiing and the constant search for pleasure. This exploration goes from the very physical sensations to the skiing state of mind, on and beyond the mountain.
To celebrate this anniversary, blackcrows offers a unique and exclusive collection of skis, dressed by Yorgo Tloupas, the historical graphic designer of the brand, available in a few iconic stores and on the website.

Those 5 models of historical skis in limited series reflect blackcrows vision: obviously the corvus in Big Mountain, the camox and camox birdie in All-Terrain, the orb in Resort and the navis freebird in Touring.
In addition, tee-shirts, caps and sweatshirts to wear with an ostensible black and pink grace. It's party time milord, turn on the music and winter is upon us.

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blackcrows party

blackcrows party

blackcrows wild winter opening party is back.
December 28th 2021 in Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

Black Crows - party