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Svalbard is the Norwegian island known for challenging terrain, tricky conditions, complex weather and cheeky polar bears. The local crow Nikolai Schirmer and the Canadian rookie Celeste Pomerantz sailed away to Svalbard on a quest for powder and fun. The result is “Wavy” a powerful tale of skiing and nature, crazy couloirs, windswept faces that tumble all the way to the ocean, and all the endeavours of a boat trip to the far sides of the snow world. Here, what happens on Atris and Atris Birdie is better shared than kept hidden. 

Nikolai Schirmer

Atris, the Swiss army knife of skis. No compromise, no matter what I get into.

Celeste Pomerantz

They are a really good all around ski.

our athlete’s choice

our athlete’s choice

Movie time: Wavy - The Voyage To The End Of The World (Wavy2).

All the bears - maximum adventure. Exclusive release in December.  

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