It's time to take back the piste for 2019/2020. Too long a wasteland of the benign and the commercial. Too long a soft middle ground for the easy and the uninspired. To us the piste is a place of wild on-rails skiing, the pulse of rapid acceleration, the thrill of cold air coursing through your hair as you release the beast within.

All Terrain

The black crows 2019/2020 all terrain range is designed to tackle the whole mountain with style and ease. These skis are narrower than our big mountain range and are made principally for on-piste skiing, yet their essential character makes them enjoyable in any snow conditions, from fresh powder to chopped snow, windpack, and crud. This versatility is at the core of our design philosophy. If you are looking for an everyday resort ski that will perform in a wide variety of snow conditions, the all terrain range is where you will find it.

Big Mountain

Big mountain skis are the heart of black crows. These 2019/2020 skis are big, wide, freedom machines designed for big mountains and deep forests. If you are looking to ski off piste at your local mountain, hike a peak, or be on the first chair on a powder day, you’ve found yourself in the right place. Our big mountain skis come in a single-rocker profile - like the corvus - which have a more traditional alpine feel, and double rocker models - like the nocta, anima, and atris - which suit a more playful, modern style of skiing.


The 2019/2020 freebird range is a symbol of our evolving practice as skiers. These skis are designed specifically for ski touring, using material innovation to save weight without compromising on downhill performance. Because for us, there are two reasons why we walk: for the sense of discovery it brings, and for the turns.


Our special collection, with the solis, the perfect skis for steep slopes. The dance begins.