We offer a 2 year warranty on all black crows products. This covers manufacturing defects, but doesn’t cover normal wear and tear. For full details, please see the policy below.

If you think your product is faulty and you would like to make a warranty claim, please refer to the below section on how to claim. If you’ve ordered from our website, our support team will be able to help. If you purchased from one of our authorised retailers, then contact them and they’ll be able to help.

Is it a defect or just damaged?

A product is defective when it derogates from its normal state of function and repair because of an inherent problem in its materials or in its manufacture. A product is damaged when it derogates from its normal state of function and repair because of normal wear and tear, collision with objects, improper care, or use with certain bindings (in the case of skis).

Defective products are covered by our 2 year warranty, whereas products that are damaged are not.

Here are a few examples of cases that are not covered by warranty:

Skis and poles


Damage resulting from contact with objects while skiing. examples include the following:


Damage to product resulting from improper care or unnecessary roughness. examples include the following:


Damage to product resulting from using telemark bindings (as the ski construction is not designed to withstand the levels of torsion resulting from the leverage created by telemark bindings on the ski).

Damage to product resulting from using pin bindings (as pin bindings do not provide the elasticity of regular alpine bindings).

Parts, hardware, or accessories that were lost or have gone missing after receiving your product.


How to claim a warranty on your product

I bought my product in a shop

If you bought the product in a shop, return the product to the same shop with your receipt. they will process your guarantee on your behalf.

I bought my product on black-crows.com

If you bought the product on black-crows.com, contact us via our online chat or fill out the below form and let us know you would like to claim a warranty. We will inspect your product within 2 working days of it arriving to us. Once we have inspected it we will send you a final warranty approval and ship you a replacement product within 3 working days (which will then arrive to you according to the delivery timeframe for your region). We cannot however guarantee that your replacement product will be in stock at the time of your warranty. If your replacement product is out of stock, we will offer you your choice of an alternative product of equal value to the warranty.

If your product warranty request is not successful we will ship your product back to you and offer you a special rate on a replacement purchase of the same product.


We strongly believe that you should do everything you can to repair your goods to ensure they have a long and useful life.

In the future we will have a repairs service set up so you can send your black crows gear to be repaired by us for a fair price. For now though we encourage you to contact your local clothing alterations service and please do not hesitate to ask us for advice on what to do via our live chat.