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white lines – exploratory steep skiing in baffin’s remote arctic fiords

L'intenable crew mangeur de pentes composé des crows Ross Hewitt, Michelle Blaydon, Marcus Waring et Tom Grant est allé se geler les miches dans l'arctique canadien pour 30 jours de ski plaisir. Une sacrée expédition dont ils sont revenus vivants, la preuve en texte et en images.

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campaign 2014/2015

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the tool

picture : damien ropero

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season remix : tom leitner

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My 13/14 season could be summed up by the word 'change'.

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an ordinary day, in Italy


I make sure I'm in first. The light turns to green. The automatic barrier lifts up and I accelerate sticking as close as possible to the bumper in front. We make it through. We're in Italy and I hate paying for road tolls...

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