the black crows guiliano bordoni and the Pizzo Palù

Three days earlier, accompanied by Bruno Mottini, with a stomach full of 'cerveza' and a mild Spanish wind warming the napes of my neck, I climbed a moderately difficult route in Siurana. And here we are putting our skis on. We're staring at the Pizzo Palù, in the Bernina range. We can't take our eyes of the Soresini line which runs along the Kuffner pillar. The existence of this line has made our mouths water for a while now. It has been a dream of ours and we lie in wait each season for the conditions to be right to ski it. Kind of like courting a beauteous woman for years.

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Nathan Wallace "the dark and sensitive Black Crow"

Last winter was just fucking crazy. Which is what happens when the plan is to ski fast, take risks, smile, be scared and have a few beers at the end of day.

September 27 The summer was bad. Too many problems and a broken heart. I felt like I was underwater. Tired of not being able to breathe I walk down to the lift and go skiing, and everything changes.

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campaign 2014/2015

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the tool

picture : Damien Ropero

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White Lines the video

White lines

Exploratory Steep Skiing in Baffin’s Remote Arctic Fiords

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sugar mountain…


One month in a tent in Alaska. How do you explain that to people? Is it extreme? Is it cold? Were you scared? How did you stay dry? What was it like to not shower? Did you go crazy? Did you miss the real world?

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